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The PIB was established by a group of elite Arab and Palestinian Bankers which are known for their banking superior experience that was gained from their global banking exposure. Palestine Investment Bank was established in Palestine on August 10, 1994 as a public shareholding company with a share capital of U.S. Dollar 20 million, in accordance with the Company’s Law of 1929.

PIB started operations during March 1995,  and is currently operating through its Head Office in Al-Bireh and its nineteen branches and offices located in Palestine. The capital of PIB has grown incrementally over the past two decades and has reached U.S. Dollar 75 million in outstanding capital and U.S. Dollar 100 million in authorized capital.

By all exerted effort and diligence, PIB seeks to establish a pioneering financial banking institution in Palestine, by providing distinguished financial and banking services to a base of clientele, employing highly qualified & competent staff; who carry out their work in a conducive environment; supported with advanced technology; and carefully chosen banking services; applying top professional and ethical standards, for the purpose of achieving advanced and superior financial results.

PIB is fully committed to participating in the growth, building and, development of the Palestinian economy. Our core values are based on truthfulness and honesty to self and to others; a continuous quest for excellence and fulfillment of promises we made; to abide by the foundations of institutional governance in all our activities; to stand the challenge of discovering the best means satisfying our clientele; and to be always and wherever we are found committed to social responsibilities.

Our future plans key objectives are growth and development whilst satisfying needs and wishes of our clients in total competence and effectiveness; increasing their funds with maximum care and responsibility; following up creating and developing new products for the Palestinian banking market; enhancing our financial position by controlling risk factors; developing human resources and effectively introducing modern technology for the continuation of distinctiveness in performance; and increasing competence in dealing with our clientele in absolute transparency.

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