Treasury & Investment Service

The services of treasury and investment and the consultancy tailored-services to suit various needs such as FX trading, financial mediation for all financial tools in the local and international markets, where mediation is made through Global Securities Company “GSC” of the Bank.

The key tasks of Treasury & Investment Department:

  1. Dealing with sport markets
  2. Financial mediation in global markets
  3. Financial mediation in local and Arab markets
  4. Dealing with financial derivatives such as forward contracts, option contracts to hedge against volatility of exchange rates and interest
  5. Collecting of all financial data, its analysis, impact on volatility of exchange rates and interest rates and forecast its impact on economies 
  6. Make the major analysis and technical analysis required for monetary and capital markets as well as setting up trading strategies
  7. Forecast the financial and economic index figures for major countries 
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Technical support
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