Definition of the service: 

In line with the PIB’s policy which aims at providing special and new services to customers, and for purpose of developing quality of banking services and solutions to reach the highest possible levels of quality, differentiation and speedy in rendering and handling services to special segment of our customers, the service is characterized by:

  • Prestigio is a unique personal banking service designed to accommodate needs of our distinguished customers.
  • It is based on making a customer feel the difference once he/she joins this special service. 
  • Manager of Customer Service for Prestigio is available to provide this personal service and consultancy to the customer on different services and advantages offered to them.  
  • Highly decorated, comfortable and elite service area allocated to customers of this service which allows transaction accomplishment in speedy, privacy, convenience and safety that makes the customer feel special.    
  • This service will exclusively be available to customers who meet the determined criteria by the Bank and in accordance with the special terms and conditions.  

The Services provided directly by the department of senior customers:

  • Quickly open accounts to new customers subscribed with this service.
  • Cash withdraw and deposit, cheque deposit and exchange currencies via the Teller (Inclusive Teller) 
  • Issuance of usual cheque books and bank cheques service.
  • Inward and outward transfers as well as Western Union Transfers service
  • Personal facilities products, retail loans and individual loans
  • MSE loans where the department of senior customers fully coordinates with relevant departments (credit facilities department, credit monitoring and operations department)
  • Credit and Debit Cards issuing service and other e-services (PIB Mobile, SMS, Online Banking).
  • Issuing service of guarantees and letters of credit where the department of senior customers fully coordinates with the department of commercial services regarding the needs of senior customers classified for these services 

Advantages for Prestigio Customers 

  • Customer service in places with privacy, safety, convenience and serve them with hospitality. In addition to availability to use devices and e-services by the customers at the department (Computers, Printer, WiFi, Free Internet, Special Desk and seats) 
  • Available staff and manager to handle relations with the customer that will ensure quality and speedy in delivering of banking services.
  • Possibility to issue credit cards (VISA Signature) and ATM cards free of charge
  • Offer competitive credit and debit interest rates and provide preferable rates of currency exchange 
  • Provide customers with special banking services and advantages
  • Provide special offers for products under special agreements with the customer
  • Increase cash withdraw ceiling via ATM machines
  • Possibility to have exemption from cash deposits for trust lockers 
  • Possibility to open account with our branch in Bahrain to eligible customers
  • Open accounts with Global Securities Company “GSC”
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