Personal Loan for housing

You will have a peace of mind within individual loan plans, we designed the personal loan plans for housing that include construction of house, finish an existing house or flat or complete the price of existing building or purchase a land for building a house thereon to the borrower

Advantages of personal loan for housing

  • It is not required to mortgage the real estate, and the real estate may locate in Area (c)
  • Financing up to 120 times of salary
  • Finance Ceiling up to US $120,000
  • Repayment period up to 120 months
  • Preferable interest rates
  • Loans are provided in all currencies
  • The loan is granted to employees of public and private sectors, merchants and self-employed, 
  • Grace period up to 6 months

Requirements to apply for a personal loan for housing 

  • Personal identification of borrower and guarantors, if any. 
  • A letter of job proof 
  • A pledge to transfer salary and benefits to the account 
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