Risk Management Policy

The definition of risk management:

Identify and assess risks know where the priorities of 'risk' as the effect of uncertainty on the application and the coordination of resources, and monitor and control the probability and / or impact of unfortunate events to minimize losses or maximize the chances of making a profit.

The goal of risk management:

Goal is how to use risk management to improve performance and profitability and to maintain the durability and strength of capital to guard against potential future losses.

Measures taken to increase the effectiveness of risk management within the bank:

1. Adopt risks administration's strategy with specific objectives of the Board of Directors.
2. Formation of a committee from the management board of the bank's and determine their functions and responsibilities of risk.
3. Adoption of procedures and mechanisms especially the work of the management of risk.
4. Create a responsible and specialized risk management within the bank.
5. Buy a specialized program for the management and measurement of risks and the minimum capital requirements.
6.  Adoption of clear, written strategy for the management of business continuity within the bank and its subsidiaries.
7. Competent to adopt a strategy to measure voltage semi-annual and annual stress test examination.

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