Terms and Conditions


  1. Service/services: is the service of paying money through mobile device provided by Palestine investment bank, subject of this contract, by opening a mobile wallet account –leveraging on client’s mobile number or to be used for transactions by depositing and/or withdrawal and/or electronic payment for his/her payments and/or electronic transfers via his/her mobile device .an electronic balance to be deposited in the mobile wallet account.
  2. Bank: means Palestine Investment Bank and all its branches in Palestine.
  3. Service Provider: Any of the establishments the bank contracts to provide some services related to providing the service. Service provider must declare his/her authorization number provided by the bank if available in a visible place at the shop so that client can make sure the service provider is authorized.
  4. Client: means the actual person subscribed in the service related to this contract, under the condition that he owns a valid mobile device his/her line and his /her signature on this application.
  5. Mobile Wallet account: means the mobile electronic account opened at the bank in the name of the client registered with his/her mobile number, the wallet account is used for depositing, withdrawing and transferring performed by the client.
  6. Electronic Balance: means the credit balance of electronic money units in the mobile wallet account, resulting from depositing & withdrawing transactions performed on the wallet account by the client, this electronic payment is transferable to any other clients and /or service providers, it is also usable as a payment tool for entities announced by the bank.
  7. Electronic Money Units: means electronic units with the cash value of one NIS, USD, JD not less than the value of electronic money units issued by the bank under the condition that the bank receives the value in cash, and can be exchanged the same issued currency.
  8. Mobile: means any mobile device that is compatible with any of the working mobile network operators working in Palestinian territories and is compatible with these networks.


Terms and conditions with Mobile wallet service Application:

First: Mechanism of Service Providing

  1. Once the client signs the subscription form, and on the condition that he has fulfilled other requirements .and completed mobile wallet account opening procedures, and after verifying his/her identity by the bank, the bank will send a short SMS to client confirming the mobile wallet account opening and notifying him/her by activation code. The client can use the activation code to log in to his /her mobile wallet to create a six –digit M-PIN to use the mobile wallet, and should be kept under his/her own responsibility and can change it in case it was exposed.
  2. The bank keeps its right to revise and approve the client’s signed request on the service. the bank keeps its right to fully supervise all financial transactions and verify that it is complying with PMA regulations and there is not any kind of misuse according to the Palestinian laws. The bank keeps its right to verify no suspicion within 24 hours from activating the service, and also at times when service is active.
  3. The mobile wallet has to be linked to a mobile line number provided by any of the active mobile networks in the region, and this line has to be owned by the client and his/her actual possession.
  4. The client has the right to deal with his/her electronic account by depositing or withdrawing amounts whether through service providers and /or PIB ATMs upon service availability or through transferring amounts from his/her electronic account to other clients and/or service providers and anyone of them can withdraw or deposit to his/her electronic account.
  5. The client has the right at any time to close his/her mobile wallet account after he liquidates his/her electronic deposits through presenting request of closing at any bank branch, the bank committed to close the mobile wallet in the same day.


Second: Using the service

  1. The right to use the service or benefitting is limited to the client only and no one else, the client is committed at all times not to let any other person to use or benefit from it.
  2. The client has to show in person and provide service providers with an accepted identification when carrying out deposits or withdrawal transactions.
  3. The bank has an absolute right according to its own assessment to stop or cancel the service in case used in contradiction to any of the terms and conditions or applied laws and regulations in the region, including for example but not limited to buying any products or goods or services prohibited according to law of PNA
  4. The client is committed to keep his /her M-PIN under his/her own protection at all times, and according to that he\she will be solely responsible for disclosing any data or information related or any of his\her accounts if this disclosure is the result of a mistake or shortcoming or negligence at protecting his\her M-PIN
  5. Only clients holding PIB different cards (credit cards, debit cards) have the right to feed their mobile wallet account by transferring from these cards to the mobile wallet using the installed application on the mobile devices.
  6. The client who decides to stop the mobile phone number linked to his\her account on his\her mobile phone will lose an integral element of him\her being the user of the service and hence will automatically lose his\her right to use the service through his\her suspended mobile phone number.
  7. The client admits his\her responsibility of all transactions and operations carried through the mobile wallet as long as these instructions and operations have been carried out through the mobile number linked to the mobile wallet and using the M-PIN, and bank’s books and records shall act as evidence against him \her and anyone else.
  8. The wallet’s owner admits his acceptance to any remittance or credit received to his wallet if he didn’t show his objection upon them during 24 hours from date of remittance or credit to wallet’s account through back to bank branch in which he\she maintains an account.
  9. The client commits that he is the sole beneficiary of service account and he is fully responsible for accepting or crediting suspicious or anonymous money.
  10. The bank will not be responsible for any losses or damages that can affect client resulting from his\her misuse of the service or because of any mistake done or any damage that might happen from client side or because of insufficiency of the mobile account or any other reason that might be caused by the client or because of any problems or malfunctioning that might occur on the network or mobile phone line.
  11. Customer acknowledges that the bank is not responsible for any cost or burdens that may occur as a result of the internet service / mobile phone network problems, malfunction s or outages.
  12. The bank will not be responsible for any entities refusal of electronic balance as a payment method and will not responsible for goods or services that the client will acquire using this balance. Any complaint from the client in this issue he\she will have to be resolved with this entity directly, and the bank’s role will be limited only to adding any amount he might get refunded to the mobile account after the bank has received valid documents issued correctly from this entity.
  13. In case the client’s phone has been lost or stolen, and others carried any transactions on his\her account through this phone, the client will be fully responsible towards the bank for all results based on this usage and client must quickly change his\her M-PIN and stop using the account through calling the customer service officer at the branch.
  14. In case of complaint from the client’s side related to the service, branch should be contacted and it takes from 2to 5 working days at maximum to investigate and work on solving it.
  15. All mobile payment transactions are inside Palestinian territories only.
  16. In the event of a problem or interruption of the service for specific maintenance work, the customer will be informed through the program.


Third: Fees

  1. The client commits to pay registration fees (PIB wallet opening fees), annual fees, withdrawal, transfer fees, and any other additional services fees provided through the service determined by the bank according to the banking services tariff announced by one of used announcement means by the bank every now and then.
  2. The bank reserves its right to amend any fees at any time according to its own assessment, and announcing new fees in the form the bank sees adequate. The annunciation is considered a working notification. Using the service after amendment date is considered an acceptance from the client’s side with no reservations.
  3. All instructions by client and all operations carried out through the service are abiding to him\ her result in all legal consequences. The bank commits to activate all operations and carry out all instructions from client to branch or service provider through any of the electronic media used in providing services according to terms &condition of this contract.
  4. All instructions issued by client to the bank through electronic mediums for providing the service are dealt with as if they are issued from him\her directly. The bank is committed once receiving them and is aware of them to carry them out and arrange all its consequences, and in return the client is responsible in front of the bank for all consequences based on the bank carrying out these instructions.


Fourth: General conditions

  1. The currencies used in providing services is (NIS).
  2. Every mobile number is linked only to one mobile wallet.
  3. The bank is committed to maintain the secrecy of all data and information that might be handed over by the client. The bank is also committed to preserve the secrecy of all operations performed by client through any of the electronic mediums used in providing the service. The bank and client are committed not to disclose any of the above according to the region laws or for applying and sentences or abiding orders or regarding terms and conditions of using the service
  4. The client commits of his\her consent that the bank can submit or disclose all or some information related to his\her account / accounts to any of its branches, and /or agents and/or any of the entities that provide technical or financial services or any of the entities the bank contracts to provide services related to carrying out the service and are allowed by the bank according to what the bank sees adequate and necessary.
  5. The bank has the right to entrust any second party inside the region to carry out some of its commitments (not all of them) according to terms and conditions of using the service, and in this case the bank will be responsible to keep the secrecy of client data and all his /her accounts, and will be responsible for any mistakes or negligence the second party might commit.
  6. The bank or any other party that might be handed over any of the bank’s commitments according to terms and conditions have the right to record phone calls received on the numbers dedicated to call center and keep it.
  7. The bank at any time has the right to terminate the service. The bank has the right to amend any terms and\or conditions of using the service, and any amendment will be applicable to the client once notified through any means seen adequate by the bank as long as long as the change has been notified , and in case the client does not accept any of these amends or changes he must inform the bank of his\ her wish to terminate contract within 30 days from the date of receiving notification , and he must stop right away carrying out any transactions and to submit to the bank a request to close mobile wallet  and carry out needed settlements including payment of any dues and refunding any remaining amounts owed to him\her balance and then follow same procedures of cancellation .
  8. If the bank discovers any action or any attempt by the client may violate or breach any applicable laws, the bank has the right to suspend dealing on all his electronic credit without affecting bank’s right in taking all legal actions.
  9. In case any information or data related to client are changed during the contract duration &before the date of updating data, client is committed to inform the bank right away of the change.
  10. This contract is governed by the laws of PNA and any disputes that may arise with regard to implementation or interpretation of any condition of this contract shall be settled by the related courts with all degrees’ types.
  11. The bank has the right to change the maximum limit of withdrawals or payments as the bank sees adequate and is committed to inform the client with means it sees adequate.
  12. The client understand that this application has access to all personal data available on this mobile including photos and /or all documents uploaded by the mobile to the application and I approve on that
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